Free distilled water for your CPAP

Free, unlimited distilled water


It’s free and easy.

Stop by your favourite Apnée Santé

clinic and we’ll give you a free jug,

then we’ll fill it from our onsite

distiller. It’s that easy to have all the

water your CPAP desires!


The distilled water difference

Did you know that impurities in bottled or filtered water can compromise your CPAP equipment? That’s one of the reasons we’re now offering free distilled water at all of our locations.

Making a difference together

The other reason is that every time you fill up at our tank you’ll be reducing plastic waste, which is a nasty environmental culprit (a million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, and they can take 450 years to decompose).

So stop by for your free fill-up.

Working with you to help the environment

is our idea of making a splash. Cheers!

Distilled water and filtered water are not the same. In the process of distillation, water is boiled and the

resulting steam is collected and condensed into water again, ensuring that all impurities are left behind.