Why choose Apnea Health?

Quick Appointments

Quick Appointments

No need to wait months for a sleep test. Call us today for an appointment within 48 hours.  Walk-ins are welcome at all of our clinics.

Call us today at 1-800-727-8748.

Convenient Easily Accessible

Convenient and Easily Accessible

Because it can be a challenge to make your schedule fit with a satellite clinic that’s open just one or two days a week, all Apnea Health sleep clinics serve patients at least five days per week. We offer convenient locations around Montréal, which makes it easy to retrieve your results and meet with a certified sleep doctor.

We take pride in our patient service, so when you call us you get a real staffer, not someone in a call centre.

Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

Apnea Health is an independent, Québec-owned company and we pride ourselves on customer service.  Every week, Larissa, president and owner of Apnea Health, visits her clinics to make sure customer service standards come first. As part of that commitment, all locations are open at least five days a week and welcome walk-in patients – and when you call during clinic hours you speak to a local staff member, not an operator in a call centre.

Care You Trust

Care you Can Trust

Apnea Health is the ONLY private sleep clinic in Quebec to offer ALL its patients a consultation with a sleep doctor. In hospitals, a certified sleep doctor (respirologist) meets with patients to review sleep test results and provide an unbiased opinion on sleep apnea treatment options. Apnea Health follows the same policy.  After you have a sleep test, you will meet with a respirologist to discuss the results of your recording. Together you will decide upon the best course of action – an oral appliance, a CPAP device or positional therapy.

Affordable Sleep Testing

Affordable Sleep Testing

Apnea Health is making sleep testing more affordable without compromising on quality.  Our team of respiratory therapists administer and analyze the sleep tests.  This is the portion you or your insurance company pays.  The consultation with the sleep doctor is covered by RAMQ.  We provide access to sleep specialists.

All We Do is Sleep

All We Do is Sleep

Apnea Health is focused entirely on sleep diagnostics and treatment. Apnea Health clinics do not offer oxygen.  We do not perform non-sleep-related lab tests, such as blood tests, X-rays or CAT scans.  Apnea Health is not a multinational business.  Apnea Health is an independently-owned Québec company dedicated to sleep diagnostics and the treatment of sleep disorders.

Ready to find out if you might benefit from a sleep apnea test?