Sleep Apnea Services

Man sleeping while wearing sleep test equipment

Home Sleep Test

A home sleep test is where you take a device home and sleep in your own bed. It is often preferred by patients and doctors because of the ease of sleeping in one’s own bed.

Apnea health team member showing a patient how to put on a CPAP mask

CPAP Treatment

Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea and told you need a CPAP? Don’t wait to sleep well and live better! Our respiratory therapists are here to help.

Better Sleep in 3 Easy Steps

Get on the path to more restorative sleep, to better health, and to waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

doctor reviewing a patient's chart to see if they're experiencing sleep apnea symptoms

Book an appointment from our website or call or drop in to your nearest clinic to have a sleep apnea assessment

man wearing Home sleep testing equipment

We’ll conduct a sleep test in the comfort of your home.  We analyze the data and the results will be reviewed by a sleep specialist.

doctor talking to a patient

3 weeks later you’ll discuss the results of your sleep test with a sleep specialist and if need be, together we can outline a treatment plan.