Sleep Apnea Services

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Home Sleep Test

A home sleep test is where you take a device home and sleep in your own bed. It is often preferred by patients and doctors because of the ease of sleeping in one’s own bed.

Respiratory therapist helping a patient with his Airfit N20 mask

CPAP Treatment

Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea and told you need a CPAP? Don’t wait to sleep well and live better! Our respiratory therapists are here to help.

In-lab Sleep Test

There are over 80 sleep disorders and not all of them are well served by the simple home sleep test.

Virtual Home Sleep Test

You needn’t visit the clinic to be tested for sleep apnea

Virtual CPAP Treatment

All instruction is provided by online video conferencing

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Remote Care Consultations

Consult our professionals through TELEMEDICINE

Care for Life

More affordable without compromising on service

Better Sleep in 3 Easy Steps

Get on the path to more restorative sleep, to better health, and to waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

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Book an appointment from our website or call or drop in to your nearest clinic to have a sleep apnea assessment

We’ll conduct a sleep test in the comfort of your home.  We analyze the data and the results will be reviewed by a sleep specialist.

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3 weeks later you’ll discuss the results of your sleep test with a sleep specialist and if need be, together we can outline a treatment plan.

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