Do you snore? Are you tired?

Snoring and fatigue can be linked to sleep apnea

Sleeping easier is not just a dream.

At Apnée Santé, we’re helping people who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a breathing disorder that affects over 800,000 Canadian men and women of all ages.
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Are you tired of always being tired?

Everyone feels tired sometimes, but does it really affect your day? Do you ever think to yourself, “is this happening too often?”

Sadly, many of us tend to normalize feeling tired, and it doesn’t occur to us to seek help because we brush it off as a side effect of busy lives, having kids, stress at work, etc.

But that feeling may be caused by sleep apnea – a condition that robs you of sleep and leaves you without the healthy rest you need. If left untreated, it will not only leave you less energetic, but it will put you at greater risk of car accidents, headaches, memory loss, and depression.

Are you keeping your partner awake?

A loud snorer can be a source of stress to anyone else living in the house, often leading to daytime conflict or resentment.

Snoring is frequently linked to sleep apnea, a condition where unconscious breathing interruptions prevent you from achieving a deep, rejuvenating sleep. So not only is the rest of the house left feeling tired, but so is the one who snores – often with no idea why.

Sleep apnea affects 1 in 20 people in Quebec and is also linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and Type 2 diabetes.

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Experience the Apnée Santé Difference

Apnée Santé is your local sleep apnea clinic serving the Greater Montreal area.   With clinics in Pointe-Claire, Chateauguay, Longueuil, Delson and Valleyfield and NOW Vaudreuil, we provide timely, reliable and affordable sleep tests and CPAP therapy allowing patients to achieve better health and increased energy through quality, restorative sleep.

Whether you are calling us for information on sleep testing or CPAP therapy, we are always available to help you.  Unlike other sleep clinics requiring an appointment, we encourage our patients to call or drop into our clinic with questions.  You can speak with our friendly medical secretary or one of our respiratory therapists.  Someone is always available to help you. We are never too busy and if we are busy, we will make time for you.