Part 1

CPAP Equipment Selection

(30-45 minutes)

We’ll send you a Zoom link 10 minutes before your online appointment with the respiratory therapist, who will help you select the CPAP machine and mask best suited to you. Come and pick up your equipment at the clinic (we offer contactless pickup).

Part 2

CPAP Coaching

 (60 minutes)

Your respiratory therapist will teach you how to use your device and track your own data, with tips on adjusting your CPAP humidity level, proper cleaning of your machine, and of course, coaching on getting used to your new bedfellow.

Part 3

CPAP Follow-up

(15-30 minutes)

You and your respiratory therapist will discuss how the treatment is going by reviewing the data on your CPAP and comparing it with how you feel. We’ll make adjustments to the mask and CPAP pressure as needed.

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