Love your pet day

Love your pet day

At Apnea Health, we love our pets!

Working during the pandemic hasn’t been easy, but our cats, dogs, birds, fish and even a lizard have helped reduce our stress levels. Playing fetch with our dogs, cuddling with our cats and caring for all the others brings us such joy and peace.

Did you know that February 20 is love your pet day? Along with us, show your pets how much you appreciate all the love and support they provide.

Here’s how:

Spend Extra Time with Your Pets

Spend some additional quality time with your furry friend. Take your pup out for an extra long walk or cuddle up with your cat on the couch.

Sharing your time is one of the best ways to show your pets you care.

Man playing with a dog on a beach

Spoil Your Pets with a Treat or Toy

Everyone enjoys a surprise gift now and again, and your pet is no different. For Love Your Pet Day, pick out a special bone, treat or toy for them to enjoy.

If you don’t have a pet at home anymore, consider dropping off some toys at your local animal shelter instead.

Kitten playing with toy

Fun fact: over one-half of Canadians currently have a pet in their household

Perhaps unsurprisingly, cats and dogs are by far the most commonly-owned pets and are essentially tied in popularity (22% of Canadians own cats, 20% have dogs and 11% of pet households have both)

Interestingly, residents living in Quebec and Nova Scotia are less likely to own a dog and more likely to own a cat. Those in BC and the Prairies are more likely to own a dog compared to any other region.

Among Canadian pet owners, 18% report they obtained a new pet since the start of the pandemic.

pet stats en

Dogs and cats need more sleep

Your pets may seem like they spend a lot of time sleeping. Dogs and cats love their daily naps, not to mention adjusting to their parent’s nighttime sleeping patterns. Just how much sleep do dogs and cats really need?

Most dogs and cats get somewhere between 12 to 16 hours of sleep a day, although some (particularly kittens and puppies) can sleep up to 20 hours a day!

kitten and puppy sleeping together