CPAP Care for Life

Our Guarantee to you

At Apnea Health, we are not simply a CPAP provider or a sleep clinic, we are a part of the healthcare community and are honoured to help Montrealers lead better and healthier lives. To that end, we have put together a Care for Life Program that guarantees we will do our utmost to treat your sleep apnea effectively, ensuring you overall health and a good night’s sleep.

Care for Life Program benefits:

  • A respiratory therapist who’ll support your treatment for as long as you own your CPAP
  • Access to sleep physicians (respirologists)
  • Remote or on-site monitoring (depending on device type), to perform follow-up AND pre-scheduled appointments to ensure CPAP success
  • 3 year warranty coordination and assistance with insurance claims
  • Progress updates to ALL your healthcare providers
let us help you with insurance claims
airsense and sleepstyle CPAP machines
Our Guarantee To You

Our Guarantee to You

Our Care for Life Program means every patient that Apnea Health works with will be cared for on an ongoing basis, as long as they may need our services.
Regardless of changes in sleep issues, disease, or doctors, our Care For Life Program is our patient’s reassurance that we will ALWAYS be here.

For more information, call us at 1-800-727-8748