Discover the members of the Dreamwear family

Discover the members of the Dreamwear family

Discover the difference DreamWear can make

The Philips Respironics DreamWear system of CPAP masks are designed to help you get the most satisfying sleep possible.

Features of the Dreamwear family of masks

  • Top-of-the-head tube connection: Breakthrough design allows more freedom of movement while you sleep
  • In-frame airflow: Unique design allows airflow through the frame to help you sleep comfortably in any position
  • Headgear with arms: Slip-resistant design provides more stability
  • Interchangeable cushions: Easily switch between full face, nasal and our latest silicone pillows cushions
  • Innovative design: Prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation on the nose bridge

dreamwear mask information

Brand New Headgear Design

Philips listened to feedback from their users and have released a new version of the headgear for their DreamWear nasal and pillow masks.

Headgear Features:

  • Easier to set up
  • More solid
  • More stable during the night
  • More waterproof with less leaks
The brand new Dreamwear Nasal/Pillow headgear

Shop the Dreamwear headgear (PN: 1116751)

Dreaming of an inexpensive comfy mask?  

Dreamwear nasal mask

Shop Dreamwear nasal (PN: 1116700)

Dreamwear Silicon pillow mask

Shop Dreamwear Silicone Pillows (PN: 1146468)

Interchangeable design

DreamWear cushions are part of the DreamWear series, allowing multiple cushion types on one mask frame. Designed to quickly and easily switch cushion types without changing masks, DreamWear helps to simplify set-up by providing multiple cushion options on one, easy-to-use mask.

Dreamwear Nasal cushion

Shop Dreamwear Nasal cushion (PNs: 1116740, 1116741, 1116742, 1116743) Minimalist and prevents discomfort and irritation in the nostrils

Full face cushion

Want to switch to a Full face mask for winter? You can swap out your nasal/nasal pillows cushion with a Dreamwear full face cushion!

Please note: switching from a nasal or nasal pillows cushion to a full face cushion requires different headgear and instructions. Please consult your provider before making adjustments.

Dreamwear full face mask

Shop Dreamwear full face mask (PNs: 1133375, 1133400)

DreamWear Fabric Wraps

These wraps can be placed on the cheek portion of the DreamWear mask to help alleviate irritation on the cheeks. These frame wraps can be used to give added softness to the DreamWear CPAP mask’s silicone frames.

Example of the fabric wraps on a Dreamwear mask