Has Jack Frost been nipping at your nose? Then a little pampering might be in order!

The new AirTouch F20 full face mask and AirTouch N20 nasal mask are the softest ever made, thanks to their ultra soft memory foam cushions.
Delivering the same great features as the wildly popular AirFit F20 and AirFit N20 models, these two new masks incorporate soft, responsive memory foam to deliver a new level of comfort and performance.

Whether you’re a nasal mask fan or you prefer coverage for mouth and nose together, these masks have a light and breathable fit that’ll leave you with visions of sugar plums dancing in your head.

Embrace the foam!

These two new masks make great use of the soft, breathable memory foam we’ve come to know in other sleep-related applications like mattresses and pillows. They deliver an unbelievably soft, quiet fit and perform at any pressure setting.

Some great benefits include:

  • A comfort fit that molds to your face (even when you move around) and is soft enough to eliminate red marks and chafing
  • A great solution if you have sensitive skin
  • Even fits formly if you’re sporting a beard (Santa, we’re looking at you)
  • Quieter-than-a-whisper operation
  • Multiple sizing options to ensure you get the ideal fit
  • And the bonus: no more need for tedious and messy cleaning with soap and water

homme portant un masque airtouch f20

That’s right – no extra cleaning for the memory foam mask!

An occasional swipe with a non-alcoholic mask wipe is all it takes. In fact, ResMed’s studies show AirTouch cushions are hygienic to use for a month without cleaning, which is the recommended replacement schedule – so just replace them regularly for top performance and to stay fresh as the new fallen snow – what could be easier?

Same great features as the original ResMed AirFit masks

While the ultra soft memory foam cushions boost comfort and performance, don’t forget all the other amazing features these masks have. The original AirFit nasal and full face masks earned their popularity by standing out from the crowd, and the new AirTouch models carry all the same great features. Some highlights include:

  • Plush, flexible frames and padded headgear for a gentle touch
  • Magnetic clips and a quick-release elbow let you get out of your gear in a hurry, and put it back on in a snap
  • Wide open sightline lets you read in bed and drift to sleep naturally
  • Simple design that’s easy to assemble and take apart for tube and headgear/frame cleaning
  • ‘For Her’ sizing options with smaller profiles and lavender accents

airtouch features english

What if I already have an AirFit mask, but this sounds better?

That’s the best part! If you think the feel of a memory foam mask might be for you, but you recently bought a ResMed AirFit with the original InfinitySeal silicone cushion, fear not! The modular headgear for both the full face and nasal versions of the AirFit are completely compatible with the new cushions, so you can take one home and try it for yourself. The silicone and the memory foam options are both great, and you can decide what works best for you.

Head to Apnée Santé’s convenient online boutique to find memory foam replacement cushions that fit your existing ResMed AirFit full face or nasal mask, and give them a try today!

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Airtouch F20 from Resmed

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Shop AirTouch F20 Bundle (Mask + 4 Cushions)

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Finally an easy, leak-free fit with a nasal mask

How is your CPAP mask fitting these days – for real? Is it staying in place? Or does it slip off like a thief in the night leaving you robbed of proper sleep?

A mask that moves around at night can cause leaks that force air in your eyes or towards your partner, and leave you not only suffering a poor night’s sleep but stuck with the red face marks to prove it.

If fit issues are giving you grief, check out the lightweight but incredibly stable Eson 2 Nasal Mask created by Fisher & Paykel – it might just change the way you sleep!

Here are a few of its benefits:

  • Advanced diffuser: The angled, washable diffuser does a great job of reducing noise and draft, leaving you and your partner undisturbed
  • Easy, stable headgear: Once you’ve fine tuned the fit adjustments (they’re all over the headgear) you can stretch it right over your head to put it on and take it off – you don’t even have to use the clips!
  • RollFit Seal: The soft silicone cushion gives you a precise fit that stays sealed by self adjusting over the bridge of your nose
  • VisiBlue highlights: Colour-coded blue highlights give you visual cues for quick, intuitive assembly
  • Easy Frame: Its narrower profile leaves you a clear line of sight while maintaining maximum stability

information on the ESON 2

How is this mask different from my other mask?

Eson 2 Mask Older style masks
Special diffuser minimizes noise and draft so you (and your partner) sleep better Traditional masks are louder, which can make for a restless night
The innovative RollFit seal self adjusts to give you a precise and secure seal – say goodbye to irritation on your nose Older cushions can leak, which can  cause distraction, red marks and discomfort
The forehead band gives you a secure fit that stays out of your line of sight Other masks can be unstable, as well as bulky and uncomfortable
A wide range of cushion and frame sizes to ensure you get the best fit possible Limited cushion options and single size frames can make for a less exact fit
The super stretchy frame makes putting it on easy, and also alleviates red marks because it moves with you Rigid mask frames are unforgiving and can leave you with marks on your face in the morning

Man looking at a ESON 2 mask

What about sizing?

While innovative cushion, frame and headgear designs help make the final fit perfect for the Eson 2, like many masks it also comes in various sizes to get you in the right zone before fine tuning. Most patients (something like 85% of them) will find the “medium” to be the right fit, but Apnée Santé can help you make sure you get the size that’s just right for you.

Support when it matters most

The F&P myMask™ App is designed to support patient mask setup. F&P myMask helps you and your patients effectively fit, fine-tune and clean F&P CPAP* masks for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

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Ready to give it a try?

The developers at Fisher & Paykel worked to make their easiest, most intuitive and best fitting nasal mask to date in the Eson 2.
They’ve even designed the F&P myMask App to support you through setup, fine tuning and cleaning to make sure you have the easiest and most effective experience possible.

Why not step up your CPAP treatment and try the Eson 2 today?

Le masque Eson 2 de Fisher & Paykel

Eson 2

Man asleep with Eson 2 mask

Getting the right fit with your mask is critical for enjoying a restful night’s sleep.

A leaky mask is a distraction that’ll keep you up at night, and you won’t even want to put it on if you know it means you’ll wake up covered with red welts the next morning.

The AirFit N20 makes fit issues a thing of the past.

With its soft and flexible frame, plush straps and unique cushion technology it can adjust to fit any face perfectly.

This mask is crazy comfortable! It’s built to be super lightweight with minimal structure and nothing getting in your line of sight, making it easy to forget you even have it on.

n20 front view sq 1

AirFit N20

AirFit N20 mask for her by Resmed

AirFit N20 for her

Key Features

  • InfinitySeal silicone cushion forms to your face and moves with you
  • Plush headgear won’t rub or chafe
  • Magnetic clips make getting it on and off a snap
  • Flexible fabric-lined frame for comfort and a clear field of view
  • Quick-release elbow to unplug and go

information on the N20

What exactly is InfinitySeal?

The ResMed AirFit N20 features a new technology called InfinitySeal – it’s a super-flexible, double-walled silicon cushion that adapts to the shape of your face. It features specially-designed “infinity” loops that change in thickness at different zones around the mask to reduce blowout and leakage, and give the mask the support it needs to stay in place.

The AirFit N20 also has a soft and flexible frame with built-in padding that moves with you when you shift around at night. The frame and the cushion work together to form to your face and stay comfortably in place all night.

The design is the result of over 3 years of research, and tests done around the globe (literally – they tested it in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia) show that the mask has about a 99% acceptance rate for people with faces of every shape and size.

n20 cushion

How is it easier to get on and off?

Magnetic clips make the headgear easier to snap in place and remove, and there’s even a little lip built around the two clips to help guide each one in place. Even if you have limited finger dexterity, placing and fitting the mask is easy.

There’s also a quick-release elbow on the front to disconnect the air tube, a great option when you need to hop out of bed for a short time (whether that’s to go find your glasses or fumble your way for a late-night trip to the washroom).

Side view of man wearing n20 mask

Freedom and comfort

By getting rid of the “T” bar that blocks vision on other CPAP masks, ResMed has created a mask that feels open and airy – a great relief for those who get claustrophobic. It also gives you an unobstructed field of view, which is just plain smart. It gives you the freedom to comfortably read or watch TV, even with your mask on.

The modular design makes the mask and headgear easy to fit and clean, and the swivel connection on the hose means even the most active sleepers can easily flop from side to side and back again without getting kinks in the hose.

n20 side view

Is it really a fit for women?

When they tested the Airfit N20, they really meant they wanted it to work for any size. Women’s heads and men’s heads are definitely different (in size and shape – anything else is a debate for a different blog). To work for everyone, ResMed added a mask that’s designed just for women in the smaller size range, and even added distinctive lavender-coloured accents to the straps.

N20 for her on a nightstand table

Need help with your AirFit N20 ?

  • Your cushion fitting template can be found here
  • Not sure if the AirFit N20 is compatible with your CPAP device? Find the ResMed device compatibility list here
  • The AirFit N20 user guide can be found here

What do CPAP users love about the AirFit N20?

At Apnea Health, the N20 is overwhelmingly favoured by our patients. Most users love it for the ultra soft cushion, comfortable fit and ease of use.

Learn what folks are saying:

“After 9 years of CPAP use and multiple masks, nasal masks and nasal pillows, this is by far the absolute best mask I have ever worn! Easy and comfortable.”

“I have tried several masks through the past 5 yrs. Full face masks I struggled finding a mask that fit well enough and changing sleep positions was almost impossible. I had to deal with a lot of leakage issues. Nasal pillows seemed to be better but I had large red marks every morning and it seemed the pillow broke down quickly and changing positions was a problem. I just received my AirFit N20 and I can’t believe how comfortable it is, and various sleep positions don’t break the cushion seal. The magnets make for an easy and quick fit and hold without any sliding around. I have to wear a chin strap and a bite plate, and the N20 mask does not slide around. I breathe unrestricted, streams of air don’t blow out on me like some cushions and there are NO red marks on my face each morning! The flexible frame has integrated padding that is so soft I don’t feel it. I actually wake up forgetting I have any sleep gear on my face and head. I can’t stress what a difference this makes in my life. I highly recommend this mask and headgear.”

“This is the best mask I have used. It seals perfectly and is comfortable in whichever position I sleep. Easy to get on and off – I really like the magnets. No complaints from me.”

Man wearing the n20 mask and smiling

Ready for a new mask?

There is no time like the present to try it out and see for yourself the difference an upgraded mask can make. A better fit means better rest, and better energy during the day.

The comfort and ease of the AirFit N20 CPAP mask system make it a great fit for just about anyone, and you’ll be thrilled you made the change.

Man sleeping while wearing a N20 mask

We’re so excited about how well the AirFit P10 works for our patients that we’re featuring it as the mask of the month for August.

The P10 is available in both a blue version for Him and a pink version for Her. What’s more, each version includes all cushion sizes so you’re bound to get the right fit!

Falling asleep and staying asleep has never been easier.  The lightweight tube and headgear make it especially comfortable during the summer heatwave. And the with the quiet vents, you might forget you’re wearing the AirFit P10 at all. Your bed partner will love the silence!

Why the AirFit P10 is right for you

  • The mesh venting gently directs air away from you and your partner, so it’s barely noticeable. In fact, the AirFit P10 is approximately 50% quieter than other leading nasal pillows masks.
  • Designed to be as comfortable and unobtrusive as possible, the AirFit P10 is also 50% lighter than leading nasal pillows masks.
  • The headgear self-adjusts and it’s slips on and off easily without any extra steps.
  • Dual-wall nasal pillows with trampoline action let you move around comfortably without compromising the mask’s seal.
  • Key-clip nasal pillows seal on contact with simple one-click action that makes assembling and cleaning the mask fast and easy. Each of the four pillow sizes is a different colour for easy identification: pink (extra small), clear (small), grey (medium) and blue (large).

p10 features

Buy the AirFit P10 today

P10 for Him in package

AirFit P10 for Him

P10 for Her in package

AirFit P10 for Her

Why are Sleep Apnea Patients and their Partners Raving about the AirFit P10?

A lighter, quieter and more convenient CPAP mask system equates to a much better CPAP mask system. Lose the worries about your CPAP mask waking you up in the night, stealing your energy for tomorrow. Enjoy the freedom to move around without feeling constricted. The AirFit P10 makes it easy to find your ideal sleeping position.

And the benefits don’t stop there. If you and your spouse are used to a noisy, outmoded CPAP mask, you won’t believe how quiet the P10 is. Your bed partner will love the whisper quiet exhaust vent.

When compared with the Swift FX Mask in a recent study, it was determined that people got up to 40 minutes more sleep at night with the AirFit P10 – forty minutes of unadulterated, deep REM sleep that will make you feel even more well rested, alert and rejuvenated the next day.

couple in bed man wearing Airfit p10

Testimonials from patients:

“This is the best mask that I have used in the past six years. I find the pillows fit snug, no air blowback, which I had on my previous mask, and it is lightweight… I am happy I came across this mask, sleep is so more restful now.” – Richard S.

“Comfortable, effective, the best mask if you have a beard” – Jim S.

Need help with your AirFit P10?

At Apnea Health we always go the extra mile.

Because we know that private health insurance coverage can be confusing and tricky, as experts in sleep medicine, we offer our patients assistance with insurance benefits. Read on to hear how it works.

When you visit our clinic, together we can contact your insurer to verify your insurance benefits and coverage for both rentals and purchases

We’ll also find out the terms of the rental or purchase and we can provide you with an estimate of your expected financial responsibility at the time of set-up and monthly for the term of your rental.

If you’re comfortable asking your CPAP provider on your own, we will supply you with the necessary equipment estimate and your prescription or sleep results for those who were seen in our sleep clinic. Get direct access to your insurer contact details here.

In general, Apnea Health is unable to bill your private health insurer directly, but we are able to help people like yourself by providing you with quick turnaround, affordable prices, and dependable custom service.

Delson clinic employee talking to patient

Insurance Claims FAQs

What is covered by Health Insurance Benefits?

Health Benefits plans offered by employers often cover the full or partial cost of CPAP machines (typically 80% of cost) and CPAP supplies, such as masks, tubing, filters etc. Coverage may vary, so we recommend confirming your coverage with your Insurance Provider. A contact list of common Canadian Insurance providers can be found below.

How can I obtain a quote or estimate for supplies?

If you need a quote or estimate for your Insurance Provider to confirm coverage prior to purchasing, you can either call us directly (1-800-727-8748) and we’ll be happy to assist your or you can do it yourself at shop.apneesante.com through the following steps:

How do I submit for reimbursement after purchase?

If you’re eligible for reimbursement for your CPAP equipment, you will likely need to submit your receipt for reimbursement. When you purchase from Apnea Health online or in our clinic, you’ll receive a hard copy and soft copy (pdf by email) of your paid invoice.

replacement schedule en 1

What’s NOT covered by insurance provider

CPAP Cleaning Products:

PURDOUX CPAP wipes – Aloe Vera (unscented)

CPAP Premium 2 in 1 Hose Brush

Lumin CPAP cleaning and disinfecting machine

purdoux soap


CPAP Comfort Products:

CY K8405 E 1 BCP 900508 contourPillow 1 e1587749383883KG 5590 E 1

Insurance Claim Forms and Contact information

Great West Life:



MÉDIC Construction:



Industrielle Alliance:

Standard Life:


The Co-operators:

Equitable Life:

RWAM Extended Healthcare:

Sleep the way you want.

The AirFit N30i is all about freedom.  Its nasal cradle mask is designed to keep air tubing out of sight and out of your way, giving you the freedom to comfortably switch positions and sleep the way you want.

Learn more about its design:

  • Under-the-nose cradle nasal cushion: sits discreetly under the nose instead of on or in the nose. No more irritation on your nose bridge and you can read in bed with it on!
  • Tube-on-top design: gives you the freedom to read, chat, and wear glasses before bed, and to get closer to your bed partner — no matter what position you sleep in.
  • Slip-on design: makes it simple to slip on and off.
  • Quick-release elbow: allows you to get up at night and disconnect without removing the mask
  • Soft sleeves: more comfort, fewer red marks.
  • Fitpack: it includes sm, med and large cushions


How is this mask different from my other mask?

AirFit N30i Nasal Mask Your Old Mask
Top-of-the-head tube design gives you a clear view. Bulky masks are  disruptive and cumbersome.
Under-the-nose nasal cradle cushion means no more irritation on your nose bridge. Traditional nasal cushion designs can cause leaks and red marks.
SpringFit frame gives you a customized, effective fit every time. Traditional headgear can make finding a good fit difficult.
Quick-release elbows make taking your mask on and off easier than ever. Older masks can be difficult and confusing to use and remove.
AirFit N30i from Resmed

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How do I know what size to order?

The N30i Mask with Headgear will come with all three sizes of cushions to ensure that you find your best fit. About 85% of people will fit into a size medium.

Need some help measuring? Click here to view the sizing guide!