How often should I replace my CPAP supplies?

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How often should I replace my CPAP supplies?

Why should you replace your CPAP supplies regularly?

  • Necessary for hygiene: ensures the safety of your sleep therapy and minimizes chance of getting sick.
  • Decreases common problems: mask leaks, build up of calcium in water chamber, growth of bacteria in both water chamber and tube.
  • Protect your CPAP and you: filters, filters, filters! We can’t overstate the importance of filters.
  • Filters for the CPAP: if you don’t want to wind up with a noisy CPAP after a couple or years, you must change your filters regularly. The filters protect the CPAP’s motor!
  • Filters for you: protects you from dust and particles in the air.

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Did you know?

Did you know that your insurance covers 1-2 masks per year and all CPAP maintenance items, such as filters, tube and water tubs?

Need help with your insurance? Contact us for assistance!

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