F&P’s New Evora Fitpack: Easy-to-fit and Lightweight

F&P’s New Evora Fitpack: Easy-to-fit and Lightweight

Get the CPAP mask that leads in comfort, simplicity, and performance. Includes all cushion sizes!

Does your CPAP get in the way when you sleep on your side or stomach? Tired of your noisy mask waking you up? Frustrated with complicated headgear designs and bulky masks?

Not anymore. Solve all of these problems with the brand new Evora, the minimal nasal CPAP mask from Fisher & Paykel.

How does Evora help?

  • Just like putting on a cap: Features the world’s first CapFit™ headgear that makes putting on your mask easier than ever
  • Minimal and comfortable: With less contact on the face, the soft-knit contoured headgear delivers comfortable support
  • Freedom to move: The unique compact seal and flexible breathing tube keep the mask comfortably in place
  • Helps you sleep quietly: Designed with directional exhaust holes to minimize noise and draft

The evora mask fits like a baseball cap!

How is this mask different than my other mask?

The Evora’s innovative new features make this mask a true upgrade!

Evora Mask Your Old Mask
Unique compact seal and flexible breathing tube give you the freedom to sleep in any position. Traditional masks are hard to use for stomach, side, and active sleepers.
Minimal design gives you a clear view. Bulky masks are disruptive and cumbersome.
The headgear fits like a cap so you get a personalized and accurate fit. Other masks have complicated headgear that makes it difficult to get the perfect fit.
Directional exhaust holes minimize noise for a better night’s sleep. Traditional masks are louder and can lead to a more restless night.

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How do I know what size to order?

About 85% of people will fit into a size medium but you need not worry because we’re only selling the Fitpack which includes small, medium, and large cushions!

Want to make sure you’re using the correct cushion size? Check out the Evora sizing guide!

Evora Nasal Render T 2 Feature Exhaust

What others are saying about the Evora:

“This is a well fitting nasal mask. The headgear is light weight and holds the mask in place without air leakage”

“Fits great, zero sound while wearing. Almost like youre not even wearing a mask. Doesn’t rub on my glasses either while wearing them at the same time.”

“With this mask you actually can see things and hear things too. It is so quiet. It is very light weight but has a good seal even with higher pressures. Also, very simple to put together and doesn’t leave marks on your face or rub against your ears. I am so happy I bought one.”

Take the step towards a more restful sleep.

CPAP users will be in good hands with the Evora.

You can sleep the way you want, get closer to your bed partner, and simplify your bedtime routine. Why wait any longer to sleep more restfully on your own terms? Try the brand new Evora now!

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