DreamStation – The Best CPAP For Home And Travel

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DreamStation – The Best CPAP For Home And Travel

Some of the best things in life come in a two-in-one package: shampoo and conditioner, peanut butter and jelly, a spork – the list goes on and on.

It’s the same thing with the DreamStation Auto from Respironics.

Because of the removable humidifier, it’s the perfect bedside sleep apnea fighter. You can use it at home AND on the Go.

Simply detach the humidifier and it becomes light and compact… the ideal travel CPAP! There’s no more need to purchase a second machine.

The truth of the matter is that not all of us have the dough to purchase two CPAP machines – one for travel and one to use at home. Of course, some of us don’t even travel that much, which would make purchasing a separate travel CPAP extravagant. With the DreamStation, you can have the best of both worlds.

Dreamstation travel vs home comparison

Full Comfort At Home, Built For Travel

The DreamStation makes your comfort the top priority. It’s the quietest CPAP machine on the market, making for a peaceful environment for you (and your sleep partner).

A big factor for comfort is heated humidification – it prevents dry mouth and sore throats, and when you’re at home, a humidifier is a must. However, if you are heading out on vacation or a quick business trip, you might want to ditch the humidifier to save luggage space.

With the DreamStation, you can do just that! Its versatile, detachable design means you can use your humidifier as normal while you’re at home, and leave it behind when it’s time to hit the road!

Once you’ve arrived, even if the voltage is different from home it isn’t a problem – the Dreamstation works with the Medistrom Pilot-12 battery (available separately).

It’s made to be small and lightweight enough to go with you anywhere, yet carries enough charge for up to two full nights’ sleep.

the dreamstation is a great travel buddy

How easy is sleeping with the DreamStation?

The DreamStation does most of the work for you. The DreamStation is auto-titrating, meaning it will automatically adjust according to your breathing instead of being set to one fixed pressure setting. That means better therapy with no extra work.

What’s more, you can monitor your sleep therapy with DreamMapper! Simply track your sleep data at home, making this CPAP convenient and easy-to-use.

Philips respironics Dreamstation Features

For those of you who have the Legacy System One CPAP, here’s how the Dreamstation compares to it:

Measurement Dreamstation PR System One
Length 6.18in 7in
Width 7.6in 5.5in
Height 3.3in 4in
Decibel Less than 30db Less than 30db

Compairson of the S9 versus the Dreamstation

The DreamStation Auto makes it easy to get your therapy data

With the DreamMapper smartphone app, your mobile device connects via Bluetooth to your DreamStation, and the data from the previous night transfers immediately. The app provides information about your pressure, leak rate, mask fit and much more.

This app is available in Android and IOS.

Man with cpap mask, showing the Philips app

The DreamStation also allows your respiratory therapist to remote connect to your device.

So never fear, even if you take your machine around the globe, Apnea Health will always have your back.