Mask of the Month: AirFit N20 Nasal Mask

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Mask of the Month: AirFit N20 Nasal Mask

Getting the right fit with your mask is critical for enjoying a restful night’s sleep.

A leaky mask is a distraction that’ll keep you up at night, and you won’t even want to put it on if you know it means you’ll wake up covered with red welts the next morning.

The AirFit N20 makes fit issues a thing of the past.

With its soft and flexible frame, plush straps and unique cushion technology it can adjust to fit any face perfectly.

This mask is crazy comfortable! It’s built to be super lightweight with minimal structure and nothing getting in your line of sight, making it easy to forget you even have it on.

n20 front view sq 1

AirFit N20

AirFit N20 mask for her by Resmed

AirFit N20 for her

Key Features

  • InfinitySeal silicone cushion forms to your face and moves with you
  • Plush headgear won’t rub or chafe
  • Magnetic clips make getting it on and off a snap
  • Flexible fabric-lined frame for comfort and a clear field of view
  • Quick-release elbow to unplug and go

information on the N20

What exactly is InfinitySeal?

The ResMed AirFit N20 features a new technology called InfinitySeal – it’s a super-flexible, double-walled silicon cushion that adapts to the shape of your face. It features specially-designed “infinity” loops that change in thickness at different zones around the mask to reduce blowout and leakage, and give the mask the support it needs to stay in place.

The AirFit N20 also has a soft and flexible frame with built-in padding that moves with you when you shift around at night. The frame and the cushion work together to form to your face and stay comfortably in place all night.

The design is the result of over 3 years of research, and tests done around the globe (literally – they tested it in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia) show that the mask has about a 99% acceptance rate for people with faces of every shape and size.

n20 cushion

How is it easier to get on and off?

Magnetic clips make the headgear easier to snap in place and remove, and there’s even a little lip built around the two clips to help guide each one in place. Even if you have limited finger dexterity, placing and fitting the mask is easy.

There’s also a quick-release elbow on the front to disconnect the air tube, a great option when you need to hop out of bed for a short time (whether that’s to go find your glasses or fumble your way for a late-night trip to the washroom).

Side view of man wearing n20 mask

Freedom and comfort

By getting rid of the “T” bar that blocks vision on other CPAP masks, ResMed has created a mask that feels open and airy – a great relief for those who get claustrophobic. It also gives you an unobstructed field of view, which is just plain smart. It gives you the freedom to comfortably read or watch TV, even with your mask on.

The modular design makes the mask and headgear easy to fit and clean, and the swivel connection on the hose means even the most active sleepers can easily flop from side to side and back again without getting kinks in the hose.

n20 side view

Is it really a fit for women?

When they tested the Airfit N20, they really meant they wanted it to work for any size. Women’s heads and men’s heads are definitely different (in size and shape – anything else is a debate for a different blog). To work for everyone, ResMed added a mask that’s designed just for women in the smaller size range, and even added distinctive lavender-coloured accents to the straps.

N20 for her on a nightstand table

Need help with your AirFit N20 ?

  • Your cushion fitting template can be found here
  • Not sure if the AirFit N20 is compatible with your CPAP device? Find the ResMed device compatibility list here
  • The AirFit N20 user guide can be found here

What do CPAP users love about the AirFit N20?

At Apnea Health, the N20 is overwhelmingly favoured by our patients. Most users love it for the ultra soft cushion, comfortable fit and ease of use.

Learn what folks are saying:

“After 9 years of CPAP use and multiple masks, nasal masks and nasal pillows, this is by far the absolute best mask I have ever worn! Easy and comfortable.”

“I have tried several masks through the past 5 yrs. Full face masks I struggled finding a mask that fit well enough and changing sleep positions was almost impossible. I had to deal with a lot of leakage issues. Nasal pillows seemed to be better but I had large red marks every morning and it seemed the pillow broke down quickly and changing positions was a problem. I just received my AirFit N20 and I can’t believe how comfortable it is, and various sleep positions don’t break the cushion seal. The magnets make for an easy and quick fit and hold without any sliding around. I have to wear a chin strap and a bite plate, and the N20 mask does not slide around. I breathe unrestricted, streams of air don’t blow out on me like some cushions and there are NO red marks on my face each morning! The flexible frame has integrated padding that is so soft I don’t feel it. I actually wake up forgetting I have any sleep gear on my face and head. I can’t stress what a difference this makes in my life. I highly recommend this mask and headgear.”

“This is the best mask I have used. It seals perfectly and is comfortable in whichever position I sleep. Easy to get on and off – I really like the magnets. No complaints from me.”

Man wearing the n20 mask and smiling

Ready for a new mask?

There is no time like the present to try it out and see for yourself the difference an upgraded mask can make. A better fit means better rest, and better energy during the day.

The comfort and ease of the AirFit N20 CPAP mask system make it a great fit for just about anyone, and you’ll be thrilled you made the change.

Man sleeping while wearing a N20 mask