Get your CPAP supplies before your insurance resets

Get your CPAP supplies before your insurance resets

We’re here to help you replenish your supplies before year-end

It’s that time of the year again — your private health benefits are likely to reset next year. If you haven’t replaced your mask or your CPAP supplies yet, now is the time. Don’t wait until the mask breaks or your cat punctures a hole in the hose.

To help you receive the supplies you need, we are open throughout the holidays both in-clinic and online (except for December 25th and January 1st). And don’t forget, Apnea Health Vaudreuil is open on Saturdays!

Below we outline what private health benefits cover and with what frequency.

Why should you replace your CPAP supplies regularly?

  • Necessary for hygiene: ensures the safety of your sleep therapy and minimizes chance of getting sick.
  • Decreases common problems: mask leaks, build up of calcium in water chamber, growth of bacteria in both water chamber and tube.
  • Protects your CPAP and you: filters, filters, filters! We can’t overstate the importance of filters. Here’s why:
  • Filters for the CPAP: if you don’t want to wind up with a noisy CPAP after a couple or years, you must change your filters regularly. The filters protect the CPAP’s motor!
  • Filters for you: protects you from dust and particles in the air.

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Easy-to-choose replacement kits

To make it even EASIER to replace your supplies, we offer replacement kits for the most CPAP machines!

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Did you know that your insurance covers 1-2 masks per year AND all CPAP maintenance items, such as filters, tube and water tubs?

Health insurance benefits normally reset January 1st, so don’t forget to use them or you’ll lose them. Also, please keep in mind that there may be delays with parcel delivery since Canadians are doing most of their shopping online.

Need help with your insurance? We can help!