Masks of the Month: The AirTouch N20 and AirTouch F20

Masks of the Month: The AirTouch N20 and AirTouch F20

Has Jack Frost been nipping at your nose? Then a little pampering might be in order!

The new AirTouch F20 full face mask and AirTouch N20 nasal mask are the softest ever made, thanks to their ultra soft memory foam cushions.
Delivering the same great features as the wildly popular AirFit F20 and AirFit N20 models, these two new masks incorporate soft, responsive memory foam to deliver a new level of comfort and performance.

Whether you’re a nasal mask fan or you prefer coverage for mouth and nose together, these masks have a light and breathable fit that’ll leave you with visions of sugar plums dancing in your head.

Embrace the foam!

These two new masks make great use of the soft, breathable memory foam we’ve come to know in other sleep-related applications like mattresses and pillows. They deliver an unbelievably soft, quiet fit and perform at any pressure setting.

Some great benefits include:

  • A comfort fit that molds to your face (even when you move around) and is soft enough to eliminate red marks and chafing
  • A great solution if you have sensitive skin
  • Even fits formly if you’re sporting a beard (Santa, we’re looking at you)
  • Quieter-than-a-whisper operation
  • Multiple sizing options to ensure you get the ideal fit
  • And the bonus: no more need for tedious and messy cleaning with soap and water

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That’s right – no extra cleaning for the memory foam mask!

An occasional swipe with a non-alcoholic mask wipe is all it takes. In fact, ResMed’s studies show AirTouch cushions are hygienic to use for a month without cleaning, which is the recommended replacement schedule – so just replace them regularly for top performance and to stay fresh as the new fallen snow – what could be easier?

Same great features as the original ResMed AirFit masks

While the ultra soft memory foam cushions boost comfort and performance, don’t forget all the other amazing features these masks have. The original AirFit nasal and full face masks earned their popularity by standing out from the crowd, and the new AirTouch models carry all the same great features. Some highlights include:

  • Plush, flexible frames and padded headgear for a gentle touch
  • Magnetic clips and a quick-release elbow let you get out of your gear in a hurry, and put it back on in a snap
  • Wide open sightline lets you read in bed and drift to sleep naturally
  • Simple design that’s easy to assemble and take apart for tube and headgear/frame cleaning
  • ‘For Her’ sizing options with smaller profiles and lavender accents

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What if I already have an AirFit mask, but this sounds better?

That’s the best part! If you think the feel of a memory foam mask might be for you, but you recently bought a ResMed AirFit with the original InfinitySeal silicone cushion, fear not! The modular headgear for both the full face and nasal versions of the AirFit are completely compatible with the new cushions, so you can take one home and try it for yourself. The silicone and the memory foam options are both great, and you can decide what works best for you.

Head to Apnée Santé’s convenient online boutique to find memory foam replacement cushions that fit your existing ResMed AirFit full face or nasal mask, and give them a try today!

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