The NEW DreamStation 2: smaller, smarter, lighter

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The NEW DreamStation 2: smaller, smarter, lighter

There’s a new kid in town on the auto CPAP market, and it’s the updated release from Philips that builds on their extremely popular and successful DreamStation model – this one’s called, you got it, the DreamStation 2.

Don’t be fooled if you think the name lacks originality, because the design certainly makes up for it!

This CPAP is sleek and lightweight and has a whole new look and feel, so take a deep breath and read on for a full review of what’s new, plus some great features from the original DreamStation they’ve built into the all-new DreamStation 2.

What’s New

Style and size are the first things you’ll notice. The machine has changed from white to black, and has shed considerable size and weight. It’s now roughly 2/3 the size of the original DreamStation, and 16% lighter than other auto CPAP machines on the market. It uses the smallest (12mm) heated tubing available, and it even has a nifty two-way channel so you can tuck the power cord neatly to either side of the machine on your bedside table.

ds2 infographic

Other novelties include

Colour touchscreen display – They got rid of the click wheel for menu navigation and went with a simple, intuitive touchscreen. The comfort controls are super self-explanatory and easy to navigate and use, and the daily display gives you sleep performance feedback at a glance.

Ramp Plus – While getting rid of the click wheel, they also ditched the ramp-up button and let you set it to stay on or off using the touchscreen menu (more on Ramp Plus and how it works below).

One-touch simplicity – There’s now a single, gently-lit button to start or stop therapy that’s easy to see (and feel for) in the dark – a fumble free advantage when you have to get up in the dark.

DS2 close up

What’s in the box?

  • Auto-Adjusting CPAP Machine
  • Integrated Heated Humidifier
  • Water Chamber
  • Ultra light-weight Heated Tube
  • Power Supply and Cord
  • Travel Bag/Carrying Case
  • Disposable Filter
  • User Manual

ds2 everything

Product specifications

Machine Sound Level 27 dB(A)
Machine Weight 2.29 lbs
Modes CPAP, Auto CPAP
Altitude Compensation Automatic
Insurance Code(s)
Machine Dimensions 10.78″ L x 6.24″ W x 3.34″ H
Bluetooth Built-in
Warranty 2 years
ds2 angle

Dreamstation 2 CPAP

What’s Great

There are lots of great features to this machine, both new and familiar. The smaller size makes it more portable for travel, integral humidifier and all, and it’s also incredibly quiet.

Read on for more great features!

ds2 bedside table

That tube

It comes with the smallest diameter tube on the market, so it packs easily and hangs lightly on your mask, but it’s also heated so you don’t have to worry about rainout (moisture buildup that can happen when warm humidified air passes through an unheated tube). If you have a larger tube that you’re used to, the DreamStation 2 will happily work with that too.

ds2 tube

Ramp Plus

Told you there’d be more on this. Ramp Plus lets you set the machine so that each night when you begin therapy it starts at a much lower pressure setting, then eases up to your prescribed pressure over the course of 15, 30 or 45 minutes depending on your preference. If you fall asleep before it hits full pressure and an apnea event is detected, Ramp Plus automatically adapts.

ds2 touchscreen display

A handy phone app

The Philips DreamMapper sleep apnea mobile app has been a huge success with previous models, so of course they made it functional with the DreamStation 2. It’s an app that sends daily feedback on your therapy journey right to your phone or tablet. According to Philips, patients who use DreamMapper have a 283% higher success rate at sticking with sleep therapy.

This app is available in Android and IOS.

Man with cpap mask, showing the Philips app

Permanent humidifier

Unlike the previous model or their dedicated travel CPAP DreamStation GO, Philips made the humidifier integral to this unit, counting on its much smaller size to make the new machine truly friendly for travel. Its light weight and low-profile shoulder bag make the DreamStation 2 a natural carry-on for flights and an easy pack for road trips, and you’ll always have the humidifier with you for a comfortable sleep even away from home.

ds2 dreamstation2 chamberwithhand

Amazing feedback

The algorithm DreamStation machines use provides great adaptability for a good night’s sleep, and the feedback it gives your respiratory therapist is unparalleled. That feedback means your therapist is able to get a clear picture of how your therapy’s progressing, and give you better support to make your CPAP therapy a success.

ds2 couple bed

Compatibility with masks

Interested in getting the Dreamstation 2 but worried that it won’t work with your mask?

Don’t be! The machine is compatible with all CPAP masks from Resmed, Respironics and Fisher and Paykel.

ds2 angle

Dreamstation 2 CPAP

ds2 blog masks

In Conclusion

This is a sleek new addition to the market in style and size, and it comes with a new and improved user interface for comfort controls. The smaller integral humidifier means it takes up less space on your bedside table when you’re at home, and packs easily when you travel. The machine is whisper quiet and effective, and it’s a great choice for new CPAP users with its gentle EZ-Start and Ramp Plus features, as well as the supportive feedback it gives through the DreamMapper app.

If you’re looking for a new CPAP machine and would like to learn more about the DreamStation 2, book an appointment or just give Apnea Health a call at 1-800-727-8748!

ds2 couple sleeping