Would you feel better with a full face CPAP mask?

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Would you feel better with a full face CPAP mask?

Being advised to switch to a full face mask isn’t a sentence – in fact it can be incredibly liberating!

Don’t think it means you’re in for some bulky WWII-looking thing; full face masks today are comfortable and easy to wear, and for lots of people they work better than their more compact cousins.

Why short change your therapy if a full face mask will help you sleep and feel even better? Here are some reasons a bigger mask might be a fit for you…

You’re a mouth-breather

Don’t be insulted – we’re not name calling! But do you wake up with cottonmouth all the time? If so, it means you’re breathing through your mouth while you sleep and you definitely need a full face mask.

If you use a small nasal or nasal pillow mask but your mouth tends to fall open at night, the pressurized air will escape noisily from your mouth. Not only is that loud and disruptive, it renders your CPAP therapy way less effective.

man sleeping with his mouth open

It’s more humid outside than in

Does your pillow double as a drool-catcher? Come on, you know who you are! If this applies to you, even some of the time, you’re probably experiencing occasional dryness as well, either in your mouth or your nasal cavities.

But I have a humidifier you say? Well, humidifiers help a lot, but if your mouth is open with a nasal mask they don’t work nearly as well – the moist air comes in through your nose but blows right back out through your mouth, making the whole system less efficient.

Don’t be afraid to try a full face mask and enjoy the maximum benefit of your CPAP; your body (and your pillowcase) will thank you!

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You’re under a lot of pressure

We’re not talking about stress, although a good night’s sleep with CPAP therapy can help with that too.

No, what we’re talking about is your pressure settings. If your respirologist says your therapy calls for a higher pressure, say a setting of higher than about 15cmH2O, a lightweight or nasal pillow mask might not cut it. A leaky seal at higher pressures is a common nuisance that’ll leave you steaming.

While a lighter mask may not seal under pressure, a full face mask will stay comfortably put no matter how high the pressure gets.

pressure gauge

You’re all stuffed up

Everyone gets congested from colds or allergies sometimes, some of us a lot of the time. When stuffiness strikes, breathing through your nose is like eating mashed potatoes with a straw, and your nasal mask quickly gets tossed.

Enter the full face mask! When the mask covers your nose and mouth, you get to breathe easier no matter how clogged your schnoz.

Full face masks are so effective at aiding sleep when you’re congested that a lot of patients keep one around as a ‘plan B’ when their nose gets too stuffed for their smaller mask to work. Why not? It isn’t like flu season or allergy season will stop coming, so if you know you’re going to be struck again, you might as well be prepared so you can get better sleep year round.

Whether full time or just when you need it, a full face mask is nothing to be shy about – it can make all the difference in your CPAP therapy. Talk to us today to see if a full face mask might be the right fit for you.

woman with allergies

The best fit for you

At Apnea Health, we’re all about making sure that your sleep therapy works for you. We carry many options for full face masks, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll find just the right fit.

man adjusting his full face mask

ResMed AirFit F20

  • Our best selling model, the F20 features a new InfinitySeal silicone cushion that moves with you and makes fitting easy
    It has easy-to-use magnetic clips for quick fitting
  • It has a comfortable, flexible fabric-lined frame
  • Available in a ‘for Her’ version tailored for a woman’s features
airfit f20

Shop the AitFit F20


ResMed AirTouch F20

  • Like the popular silicone version, but featuring an UltraSoft memory foam cushion that’s light and breathable
  • It has a new QuietAir diffuser that makes it quieter and gentler
  • It’s easy to maintain and clean and easy to replace
airtouch f20

Shop AirTouch F20

F&P Vitera

  • Features VentiCool breathable fabric headgear that allows 21 times more airflow to keep you cool and comfortable
  • The RollFit XT seal stays in place while you move and reduces pressure on the bridge of your nose
  • The dynamic stability bar keeps your mask secure all night
vitera ffm

Shop Vitera

ResMed AirFit F30

  • With its ultra-compact under-the-nose design, this mask leaves the bridge of your nose comfortable and mark free
  • Quiet diffused venting keeps noise to a minimum
  • It has easy-to-use magnetic clips for quick fitting
  • The F30’s clear field of vision makes it easy to read in bed, even with glasses on
F30 full face mask

Shop AirFit N30

Respironics DreamWear

  • The DreamWear’s unique design puts the hose above your head for total freedom of movement – no more nose hose!
  • Its soft silicone frame makes for a comfortable fit
  • The under-the-nose design means no red marks on the bridge of your nose, and a clear and open field of view

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