SleepStyle – finally a CPAP that looks as good as it makes you feel

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SleepStyle – finally a CPAP that looks as good as it makes you feel

The Fisher & Paykel Sleepstyle Auto takes sleekness and simplicity to a new level with its compact, stylish and user-friendly design. 

The SleepStyle puts breakthrough humification technology and auto-adjusting pressure algorithms into a modern, easy to use and comfortable package – this CPAP looks as good as it makes you feel!

Learn how the F&P SleepStyle’s design stands out:

Clean lines and compact performance

The SleepStyle combines the humidifier and the quiet drive into a full-featured yet compact footprint that gives you big CPAP performance with a minimalist mindset. It’s small enough to be travel-friendly with its convenient carry bag, and sleek enough to look good on your bedside table when you stay home.


Self-adjusting comfort

The SleepStyle’s SensAwake technology works through the night to automatically detect periods of wakefulness. When your sleep cycle enters a more awake stage, it promptly reduces the pressure to a gentler level, easing the comfortable return to sleep.

sleepstyle close up

Why do our clinicians love the SleepStyle?

Souad, in our Mascouche clinic, says that the SleepStyle is her go-to CPAP especially for patients who don’t tolerate large changes in pressure. Other CPAP have a more aggressive algorithm resulting in patients swallowing more air and becoming bloated or waking up due to the rapid pressure adjustment.

sleepstyle CPAP machine on a bedside table with a couple sleeping in the background

ThermoSmart humidification

CPAP manufacturers all know that humidification is key to comfortable sleep therapy. The new ThermoSmart heated breathing tube with its innovative AirSpiral technology was conceived to minimize condensation (sometimes called rainout) by adapting to ambient changes in heat and moisture levels. This keeps you comfortable and reduces strain so your sleep stays even.

sleepstyle humidification

Access simplicity

The humidifier is not only smart but easy – it takes just a push of a button to open the chamber wide and access the water reservoir, so filling and cleaning is as simple as can be. Just lift it straight out and drop it back in with no awkward angles or guesswork.

sleepstyle buttons 1

Expiratory relief

For an added layer of comfort, this CPAP automatically relieves the air pressure every time you breathe out, making your therapy even less intrusive.

sleepstyle cpap

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Finger friendly

Large but streamlined, the easy-to-press buttons give you control of a simple and intuitive menu. The only CPAP with an Ease of Use Commendation from the American Arthritis Foundation, the SleepStyle was designed to make every aspect of your sleep therapy clean, simple and easy.

Close up view of hand adjusting settings on a SleepStyle machine

Modem and App

The built-in modem clever bit of technology allows an automated data transfer with us so we can make sure your therapy is working at its best. We can check your stats remotely, and help with tips and adjustments as part of our care for life program.

The SleepStyle app lets you instantly track your own progress on any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone so you get a detailed look into how your therapy is working.

sleepstyle phone app

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